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Solitude, Haafingar. The Winking Skeever
Fourth of Sun’s Dusk.

Solomon shuffled past the bouncer and made his way to the bar, settling down on a barstool. The Winking Skeever was nothing special for a tavern in Solitude, there was a dark, smoky atmosphere that Nords found very homely, but an Altmer like Solomon found it deeply unsettling. What was he doing here anyway? It was just a message from someone, it could have been a silly antic of some kind, just to waste his day. He decided he would wait no more than half an hour in this pigsty people called a tavern.

Meanwhile, Ja’bar was watching from the window in a room he rented for a Thalmor fitting his description. When that unmistakable face appeared outside of the door, his heart jumped as terrible memories were recalled, a childhood destroyed by such a cruel, deviant old elf, with effects that still echoed into today, and would haunt him for the rest of his life. Nonetheless, these next few hours would put some of his memories to rest.

Ja’bar always liked to dress nicely, he had specially made robes that were made to be very flamboyant and stylish, but also comfortable for a khajiit, They had holes for his ears and his tail, and the hood was shaped just for a khajiit head. The robe he had on today was a particular favourite of his, it was mostly cream-coloured with red and gold trim, and a comfy silk hood. It also had an attachable cape that only covered one shoulder and arm, it was red on the outside and gold on the inside. He strapped the one-shoulder cape over his chest and around his other shoulder and took the steps two at a time down to greet his old master.

The Dragonborn had aged two decades since the two had last met, yet Solomon Naris only appeared a few years older, But Ja’bar was certain that his cruel master would recognize him. Khajiit physiology is determined by the positions of the stars and moons, some are large and beastlike, others are small and more like a house cat. Ja’bar was one of the inbetweens that had the basic shape of a man, but beast-like traits. One thing that was different, is that every so often, when the stars and moons are perfectly positioned, a Khajiit born at just the right moment will have bright,  purple eyes with sideways, crescent-shaped pupils. Ja’bar was one such rare individual, Altmer don’t usually keep khajiit as slaves, but Solomon was something of a collector, and could not resist the moon-eyed kitten for sale.

Ja’bar shuffled through the crowd and sat down next to Solomon, his heart fluttering, partially in fear, but mostly in excitement for the evening to come.

At first Solomon didn’t notice the purple-eyed Khajiit sitting next to him, so Ja’bar decided to get his attention by saying “Solomon, nice to see you here”, making sure his eyes were covered by his hood.

“Excuse me, but who are you?” Solomon said in his stuck-up Elven accent that Ja’bar hated so much.

Ja’bar, always loving to be theatrical, turned his head, so the faintly glowing, purple eyes were visible. “I think you know who this one is ... master” chuckled Ja’bar, hissing slightly at the “master”

Solomon jumped out of his seat, standing up and backing away slightly in panic “what?! Ja’bar?! I thought you were dead!” He almost shrieked, exasperated by the shock, Solomon always assumed he died in the incident in Helgen,which is why he never went looking for his slave.

Ja’bar was amused by this, “sit down, Solly, Khajiit is not going to hurt you. This one has forgiven what happened long in the past.” he slid a coin purse to the innkeeper and said “two nord meads, please” Turning back to the frightened elf, he smiled and laughed “sit, we have a lot to discuss!”

The two spent the next hour gleefully discussing what they had done in the 20 years they hadn’t seen each other. Nothing much had changed for Solomon, so Ja’bar did most of the talking, told all about his adventures as the Last Dragonborn. At first Solomon did not believe him when he said he was the Dovahkiin that everyone had heard so much about. Everyone assumed that Dovahkiin was a nord, and that’s the way Ja’bar liked it, a mighty warrior living the quiet life.

After a while, Ja’bar turned to the almost drunk Elf and said “the sun is setting, I always watch the sunset, please accompany me outside the city walls, so we can watch it together”

Solomon shrugged, having nothing better to do, he said “alright, but I must be off to the Embassy in the morning, so I need to sleep right after.

Ja’bar smiled “don’t worry, I’m sure you will be there on time.
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